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Creating Station Molds – Sample Videos

Creating Station Molds

Episode Summary

A well-built construction jig, with accurate station molds placed at the proper locations, is a key element in a successful build. The shapes of the molds will dictate the final form of the hull. Host Rich Hilsinger and instructor Greg Rössel explain the process of gathering information from a lofted body plan, and the steps involved in constructing an actual mold.

The episode opens with a discussion of whether the boat has been lofted to the inside or outside of the planking. Greg also describes how to build molds that are sufficiently rugged to withstand the stresses of the ribbands and planking, and includes a demonstration of how to accurately transfer the shapes of the molds from the body plan to the mold stock. The assembly of the molds is included, too.

  • Chapter 1: Setting Up Station Molds

  • Chapter 2: Shaping Station Molds

  • Chapter 3: Station Mold Assembly

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