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Skills 101 – Scarf Joints


Scarf Joints

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Episode Summary

In the opening chapter of this episode, host Rich Hilsinger and instructor Greg Rössel examine WoodenBoat magazine senior editor Tom Jackson’s article Joinery Lessons from the Distant Past, published in WoodenBoat No. 155, as they present some of Tom’s detailed reproductions of ancient boatbuilding joints.

The remainder of this episode covers types of scarf joints common in boatbuilding today, with emphasis on glued scarf joints. Greg demonstrates how to make straight joints and dog-leg scarfs in cedar planking stock, and discusses various adhesives, proper gluing techniques, clamping strategies, hand tool use, and homemade tools.

  • Chapter 1: Joinery Lessons from the Distant Past

  • Chapter 2: The Anatomy of a Plank Scarf

  • Chapter 3: The Dogleg Scarf

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