Master woodcarver, woodworker, and boatbuilder Reed Hayden welcomes host Rich Hilsinger and the OS Media film crew to his shop in Surry, Maine. Reed has been carving marine designs and sculptures for over 30 years, in addition to teaching this old and honored art at WoodenBoat School and other educational centers. 

In this episode, Reed will explain the various steps in carving incised letters using a unique one-tool method that is both effective and accessible. Working with a V-shaped chisel and a few gouges, Reed will demonstrate what goes into making a beautiful name board and decorative carved shell. He will also talk about where to purchase high-quality carving tools, wood selection, understanding and working with wood grain, and effective lighting strategies.  

This episode will definitely appeal to all those who enjoy working with their hands in wood and will bring immense satisfaction to those who want to try their hand at carving traditional marine decorations.

learn from the masters

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